Why is CM360 important in your organization?

CM360 integrates not only with other GMP tools, but also with other Google services and third-party systems, allowing for the centralization of the entire online marketing in one place. The tool, thanks to the configuration of Floodlight code activity, makes it possible to measure all user behavior metrics that are important from a marketer’s perspective. Campaign Manager 360 also provides advanced analysis of measured channels, extensive attribution models, and built-in verification modules (video/display)-essential components of most businesses marketing efforts.

What is included in our offer?

Deployment program:

  • setting the billing details
  • granting access to the platform to users
  • introductory training

Ongoing support:

  • assistance in solving everyday problems
  • support of ongoing activities with expert knowledge
  • sharing tips and best practices in Campaign Manager 360

Additional services

  • Audit of current DV360 accounts and recommendations for further use based on the client’s business and marketing needs
  • Account structure development and implementation of CM360, floodlight codes and user lists, integration with other tools, naming convention development, conversion path analysis based on DDA attribution model, incremental lift study of running campaigns and much more
  • Advanced CM360 training tailored to specific customer needs