Coffeedesk is one of the largest sites selling coffee, tea and accessories for their preparation. Today, our client has more than 4,000 products on offer, which convert into nearly 14,000 orders per month and as many as 60,000 active customers. Our goal is to continuously optimize their sales also in the face of challenges such as the platform change. Today we will tell you about the Shopware 6 platform implementation case for, which was first presented at the second edition of Shopware United Days PL.

Integration with Shopware 6 – the Coffeedesk case

One of the initial challenges faced by the SalesTube powered by hmmh team was how to integrate not only with Shopware but also with some other areas of the ecosystem that had been forged by Coffeedesk. 

Along with the e‑commerce heart, Shopware 6, there were ’7 more systems that had to run in synergy to achieve the desired outcomes’ – said Przemysław Florczyk, emphasizing the need to make sure all the activities were well-planned and prepped so that all the systems had to be up and running seamlessly to implement or develop a new functionality.

Coffeedesk used i.a. ERP Verto, that is a system for the further processing of orders and generating documents, as well as Cloudfire, a proxy server that ensures the security and smooth communication between integrations. Some other essential tools were Google Analytics and Synerise. Data collection and data processing are especially relevant to SalesTube powered by hmmh, as they need to utilize this knowledge in the following stages of the project.

What makes us truly unique among other software houses is our ability to not only technologically implement the analytics but also establish the suitable processes to support it; all thanks to our analytics team. This came in especially handy in the integration with Synerise as we knew what data to upload and which data we were able to use for marketing automation, stressed Łukasz Białonoga.

Winning/Interesting solutions implemented for Coffeedesk

We managed to make several major changes thanks to the trust we got from Coffeedesk and the communication models we had adopted during the project. They included, i.a.:

  • API first – due to this approach we were able to execute the profound integration of the data fed from external sources,
  • Native multi-language and multicurrency – they allowed us to introduce various price and availability lists, depending on our customer’s country of purchase,
  • Codes and promos with advanced rules – thanks to Shopware and their voucher exclusion button, we could activate the ’promotions can’t combine’ feature,
  • Own solution for returns and claims – our proprietary solution, a convenient and intuitive panel for retail clients, which augmented Shopware’s performance,
  • Server and efficiency optimisation – in tandem with our partner,, we managed to suitably prep the machines/equipment and also implement the solutions that ensured the security and sound performance of the apps on the servers,
  • Just before the launch, we implemented the scripts simulating user behavior on the website (the script simulated at the rate of 500 users/sec).

Shopware 6 – a good match for Polish B2C E‑commerce?

The key stage of the implementation seemed to be data migration. The team were scratching their heads over how such a large amount of information (including category descriptions, opinions, comments, 700k orders, 215k customers) to be transferred from the previous system may affect performance. Łukasz and Przemysław unanimously agreed that they had passed that exam with flying colours. They said: This challenge validates the fact that Shopware can handle huge traffic without a hitch, and this, in turn, significantly enhances the website’s performance.

So is “Shopware 6 a good match for Polish B2C e‑commerce? “ Łukasz concluded by saying: Yes, but we need to choose a platform with our goals, deadlines, and the implementation budget in mind. As Shopware 6 is a robust platform offering a number of solutions, we can use it with confidence.

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