See growth and results from every investment, activity, and goal.

Increase your ROI with multi-channel analytics and intensity from all your activities: Email, social media, advertising, website and sales channels.

Easily analyze the results of all your marketing activities in one place.

Build a single image of all your activities with the largest API libraries that will link data from any source: Google Analytics, DV360, Adobe, Salesforce, or Facebook. Need to integrate data into Excel or Google Sheets? No problem. The Facebook or Google API is changing? It’s not your worry anymore.

Discover valuable insights faster with your data. 

Automatically visualize your data so you and your team can take action. Use automatic regression modeling and statistical analysis methods to convert hours or days of analysis into minutes. 

Link your company’s revenue to marketing with automatic reports

Deliver interactive 24/7 marketing reports to monitor and improve every investment, performance and goal across teams, campaigns and channels. Customize your dashboards and reports for everyone – so your teams and partners make smarter decisions.

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