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It's time to explore the secrets of the most powerful platform for media buying and data analysis! The first such comprehensive and most up-to-date guide on the market is now available. Fill out the form and download the GMP 2.0 Ebook for free!

    “In front of you is a comprehensive guide to Google Marketing Platform, which you can download completely free of charge. In the new edition of our GMP Ebook we present changes in the GMP products in the last 2 years and new case studies. We paid special attention to the development of Google Analytics and the differences between the Universal and GA4 versions. In the current edition of the Ebook we have collected everything we would like to know at the beginning of our own adventure with this ecosystem. The guide was created by a team of SalesTube experts, who for more than 10 years have gained experience working in the GMP ecosystem for the largest Polish and global entities, while developing their own brands within the largest independent Polish communications group – Group One.”

    Joanna Czekaj – Managing Director

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    After reading our Ebook you will:

    • Pointer icon Learn more about Google Marketing Platform and how to implement GMP step by step.
    • Pointer icon Deepen your knowledge about the capabilities and usage of all 8 GMP tools in your business.
    • Pointer icon Understand which collaboration model is the most suitable for you and why it is worth cooperating with SalesTube in the GMP ecosystem.
    • Pointer icon Gain knowledge about GA4 and its usage in the context of GMP.
    • Pointer icon Learn how to plan the development of your business on the path to the digital maturity.
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      8 GMP tools described in a clear way
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      over 100 pages of a practical knowledge
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      10 comments of experts
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      0 EUR for download free guide

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    Ebook contains:

    1. Introduction: What can you find in the latest version of the ebook on GMP?

    2. What is GMP?

    3. What does Google Marketing Platform consist of?

    4. GMP and development on the path to digital maturity

    5. GMP Development with Salestube

    6. Campaign Manager 360

    7. Studio

    8. Display & Video 360

    9. Search Ads 360

    10. Google Analytics 360

    11. Tag Manager 360

    12. Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio)

    13. GMP – how to get started?

    14. GMP usage in e‑commerce

    15. Summary – how can GMP be used by agencies, e‑commerce and non-ecommerce clients?

    16. GMP and digital maturity trainings: what is worth considering?

    17. Summary