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Get to know Google Analytics 4 with us

This is the analytical tool every marketer should know to be able to meet all the upcoming challenges related to the revolution in the world of privacy policy and cookielessness. You know you need to be ready for change, but don't know where to start? Write to us to get a quote for GA4 training, audit and implementation.

    “A well-thought-out and comprehensive implementation of the new version of Google Analytics can be a new beginning of building trust in your brand by keeping user data secure, building user insights and using it wisely for business growth and customer loyalty. We have created a training, implementation and audit offering that will guide companies through the process of challenging and engaging changes that can prove crucial in building business resilience to the next revolutions lined up for the year ahead. It’s worth betting on independence from 3rd Party data, which is losing value and relevance, and instead build an advantage over your competition in the world of online advertising.”

    Magdalena Niewiadomska – Head Of Intelligence Division

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    What should you focus on in the coming time to stay ahead of the competition?

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      Use 1st party data centralize and integrate
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      Match messages segment and analyze
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      Predictive models reach for machine learning
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      Proper data analysis create custom reports

    What you will learn from expert practitioners at our training sessions!

    • Pointer icon Activation of 1P data with GA4 in Google Ads & DV360
      during this training you will learn how to use the functionalities of the new Google Analytics 4 in the most popular digital marketing platforms: Google Ads and DV360. This training will give you a better understanding of analytics data and reporting in Google Ads and DV360. It will allow you to make better marketing decisions and optimize your advertising campaigns. Learn about our best practices and stay ahead of the competition.
    • Pointer icon Basic training with GA4
      the training will give you a better understanding of the operation and functions of Google Analytics 4. You will learn how to use the tool step by step, which will allow you to better interpret analytical data and make more accurate business decisions.
    • Pointer icon Advanced training with GA4
      as a result of the training, you will get a proper understanding of how GA4 works, knowledge of the metrics and dimensions available in the tool. Thanks to this training, the user is able to freely navigate the interface of the tool, knows how to use the built-in reports available in the panel and create custom reports on their own.
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    Correct GA4 configuration

    In our experience, more than 90% of installations of the new Google Analytics 4 contain errors. An audit of GA4 implementation can bring many benefits to your business. First of all, it will allow you to carefully check the configuration of the tool and detect errors that affect the quality of the data collected. If you have already implemented GA4 in your organization, check out our audit and data visualization offer, and if you are still before the implementation of a new web analysis system, we can help you with it.

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    Implementations and audits

    • Pointer icon We offer GA4 implementation in two packages – the basic package includes migration of key data from Universal Analytics to GA4. The extended package is enriched with e‑commerce configuration and tracking of custom dimensions and metrics.
    • Pointer icon We offer GA4 audits in two packages – the basic package includes analyzing and verifying the correct settings in the GA4 dashboard, and then preparing documentation for this. The extended package is enriched with verification of data layers (data Layers) and tags in Google Tag Manager.
    • Pointer icon Reporting and data visualization – this offer includes building and customizing reports directly in the GA4 panel and/or creating a dashboard based on data from GA4 in the Looker Studio tool. You will receive “tailor-made” reports that will facilitate data analysis.
    • Pointer icon Implementation of Consent mode – properly implemented consent mode is a requirement imposed by the GDPR, and its absence on the website may lead not only to the imposition of a penalty by the Office for Personal Data Protection, but also lead to blocking of your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts. The offer is available in the basic and extended package.
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