Shopware 6

The most advanced platform for e‑commerce sales in the world. It allows meeting the dynamically changing requirements of e‑commerce, ensuring access to the latest solutions.

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    Easy to choose for any business model – both B2C and B2B
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    It gives the highest performance and stability of the system
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    Available in Cloud and Self-hosted versions
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    Suitable for many sales channels and implementations

Intuitive admin panel

The platform has a new and simplified administration module. A clear interface and intuitive navigation will allow you to efficiently navigate the system from the very first day of its use. People from the sales or marketing department of your company will be able to fill in the content on the store’s website on their own.

Security and ongoing support

The continuous development of a committed community and a relatively low price make the Shopware 6 a great alternative for companies looking for a comprehensive system and reliable support of its maintenance.

Flexible product management

Product management in the Shopware 6 has been designed in such a way that each employee can easily and quickly learn this module. Each defined attribute – size, weight, or colour – is catalogued and managed from one place.

Sales through social media

The advantage of Shopware is certainly the number of ready-made solutions available to its users. As the most popular e‑commerce platform on the Polish market, it has an infinite number of ready-made integrations with other systems.

Advanced promotion rules

Thanks to the use of complex promotion variants assigned to specific user groups, Shopware 6 allows personalizing promotions, such as group discounts, shipping discounts or individual customer discount codes.

Business development in other markets

The Shopware 6 was created to sell with no limitations. The system not only allows you to translate the entire store into any language or make a purchase in multiple currencies but above all, it provides the ability to configure the method of calculating the tax for products.

A growing number of add-ons and plugins

The growing community of Shopware 6 actively uses the openness of the system and creates numerous add-ons and plugins. Thanks to this, the entire system has the opportunity to develop even more dynamically. Over 1,000 available plugins allow for customization of e‑commerce individually to every need.

What does Shopware 6 give?

It is currently the best e‑commerce system ensuring flexible and sustainable development of your store!

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    Scale your e-business with one of the best online platforms in the world
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    Build an individual pricing policy for each client
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    Create dedicated promotions for a selected group of customers
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    Sell products through Social media
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    To promote your products easier, use connection with the Google Shopping
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    Integrate your store with external marketplace platforms
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    Use the PWA technology
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    Take your business abroad and sell globally

Why working with us is worth it?

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of customers as a part of the one-stop shop philosophy for e‑commerce. We work in the agency, technology, hybrid and consulting models as in-house support.

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    One-stop shop means that all solutions for your e‑commerce are in one place – in a SalesTube.
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    We operate in the End-2-End model, providing all services under one roof, from audit to implementation, analytics, and tests.
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    We are a part of the Serviceplan – the largest independent marketing communication group in Europe with a global reach.
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    We have a different perspective, because we not only build e-stores but also run them ourselves. That is why we know exactly what to do to make you sell more.

Original graphic designs

Graphics tailored to the client’s needs – from quick implementations based on ready-made templates to developed graphic templates based on our projects.

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