The most popular e‑commerce platform in Poland

Shops based on the Woocommerce platform are the largest part of the Polish network. Our years of experience in WordPress and Woocommerce implementations allows us to reliably use this platform to meet the needs of our clients.

Fast implementation

Apart from SaaS platforms, Woocommerce is characterized by quick implementation and a relatively low entry threshold into the e‑commerce business.

Scalability in relation to the e‑commerce system load

Thanks to the use of efficient hosting services, we are able to handle the system load at a high level.

Numerous integrations

The advantage of Woocommerce is certainly the number of ready-made solutions available. As the most popular e‑commerce platform on the Polish market, it has an infinite number of ready-made integrations with other systems.

Easy content management

Thanks to the native WordPress block system for content management, Woocommerce has a very efficient content management module.

When Woocommerce according to our expert
Michał Salamon2-eng

Michał Salamon,,

E‑commerce Lead

“Woocommerce is the most common e‑commerce platform in the world, of course, it owes it to WordPress, which is its base, and a full license OpenSource. If you do not offer a large number of products and you want a good content management support – Woocommerce will be one of the platforms we recommend. “

Woocommerce implementations

Original graphic designs

Graphics tailored to the client’s needs – from quick implementations based on ready-made templates to developed graphic templates based on our projects.

Connecting all e‑commerce processes

E‑commerce is a centre for related services – from basic, i.e. payments and delivery systems, to an advanced integration with ERP and WMS systems or suppliers’ warehouses.

Implementation of advanced functionalities

The Audience Studio program, formerly Salesforce DMP, can help you get insightful insights by unifying and capturing data to strengthen customer relationships with an advanced data management platform.

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Why working with us is worth it?

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of customers as a part of the one-stop shop philosophy for e‑commerce. We work in the agency, technology, hybrid and consulting models as in-house support.

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    One-stop shop means that all solutions for your e‑commerce are in one place – in a SalesTube.
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    We operate in the End-2-End model, providing all services under one roof, from audit to implementation, analytics, and tests.
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    We are a part of the Serviceplan – the largest independent marketing communication group in Europe with a global reach.
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    We have a different perspective, because we not only build e-stores but also run them ourselves. That is why we know exactly what to do to make you sell more.
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Łukasz Białonoga
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