We offer services to Polish brands and foreign corporations. Thanks to those experiences we have a chance to learn different tech systems. Our team is building the biggest e‑commerce platforms since 2006. What is special about our shops is the practical attitude towards sales. We design shops not only clients but we also run ours as well. We know the day to day challenges and we implement solutions that actually make them work better and earn more money.


Both B2B and B2C are loosing money if they don’t invest in the modernisation of their shops. Good e‑commerce is the one that has the infrstructure that allows you to make changes and adjust its format to the newest trends. While building shops we are focusing on its basic features but we also think ahead about possible evolution.


We work with different partners to offer our clients the best and precise technology that will match their business and focus group. We build shops for big companies as well as small firms.


We create fully responsive layouts to make sure the website will look good on every device (even with a very small screen). It results better user experience and higher conversion. Google in their algorithms put attention to Responsive Web Design.