Allegro Ads

Allegro Ads are the first two sponsored items on the Allegro product search list. It is a product dedicated to companies that are looking for a valuable sales source.

We were the first agency in Poland to receive the Allegro Ads certification, which confirms our continuous development and willingness to stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to this, we have become specialists in using the sales potential of Allegro. Our competences also include the integration of e‑commerce stores with the Allegro platform.


Amazon is one of the most famous marketplaces in the world.

We run a number of activities centered around this platform, and one of them is Amazon Ads. Payment works similarly to Google Ads, i.e. we pay only per click (CPC), and we select products for the advertisement according to keywords. We optimize activities for the best results.

A wide selection of marketplace for e‑commerce

We prepare analysis and recommendations of your brand’s presence in various other available marketplaces. We will advise you on what price policy to adopt, how to position yourself and how to adjust your offer so that it does not affect sales in your store.

Marketplace for b2b

The dynamic development of e‑commerce has caused that not only individual customers want to buy over the Internet. More and more companies that serve only business customers have started to take an interest in this sales channel. Thus, marketplaces dedicated to the B2B segment are being created. We help our Clients to build one of their sales channels there.