We focus on the partnership character of cooperation

Affiliate marketing is based on the win-win model. We reward the most active and effective publishers with higher rates and bonuses. Each partner has access to the results in real time. The panel for publishers is available athttps://affiliate.salestube.pl/

Only trusted and proven partners

Our priority is long-term relationships, thanks to which we generate qualitative effects. For us the quality is more important than quantity. It is the quality that has become the priority of our actions, therefore, through many years of experience in the industry, we were able to select only the best and reliable partners. 

For each campaign, depending on its type and purpose, we choose selected partners. For example, in lead generation campaigns we cooperate, among others, with service comparison engines, external contact centres and mailing database owners (based on precise targeting capabilities). To e‑commerce campaigns, which are settled for sales we invite proven loyalty programs, coupon services, mailing databases, thematic services, price and offer comparison engines, bloggers, etc.

Adjusted affiliate programs

We offer adjusted effectiveness marketing campaigns – from generating potential customers (leads) through downloading the application/material, calculating the premium on the insurance website, displaying ads in browsers and applications to making a transaction in the online store.

Advanced technology

We have the appropriate technological facilities at our disposal to enable full control over all the projects.

We use the international HasOffers tool to track results. In addition, our system has its own overlays that allow, among other things, to report results in real time, generate settlements with transaction id reports and the status assigned to it.

Proprietary tools for Clients

Our Clients can use, among others, Fraud Detector – a tool that analyzes traffic in several areas to distinguish people from bots.  It is used while conducting Clients’ campaigns to verify the quality of traffic provided by our publishers. Additionally, our affiliate system has an Affiliate Checker overlay that monitors actions (mailing, display, mobile) and verifies the quality of all traffic.

Our Clients who run lead generation campaigns can use Live Tracking, a tool for reporting affiliate sales in real time. This gives them access to the most up-to-date statistics on the sales of their products and allows affiliate partners to optimize the parameters of the campaign while its duration.

We are constantly developing tools to keep up to date with changing technologies and news.