Why is DV360 important in your organization?

DV360 offers a wide spectrum of engaging formats and advanced bidding algorithms, the use of which will streamline your work and enable you to achieve your goals. The tool provides numerous free Google data segments that will allow you to reach the most interested audience without increasing the cost of purchasing advertising space. By excluding categories, website addresses, and keywords of a controversial nature, you will be sure that your ads are displayed in an environment that meets brand safety requirements.

What is included in our offer?

Deployment program:

  • introductory training to the platform
  • access to the platform at the highest level for an unlimited number of users
  • support in connecting with other tools

Ongoing support:

  • response to support inquiries within 24 hours
  • provision of materials to support activities
  • support in solving everyday problems
  • regular newsletter

Additional services

  • Audit of current DV360 accounts and recommendations for further use based on the client’s business and marketing needs
  • Account structure development and implementation of DV360, floodlight codes and user lists, integrations with other tools, naming convention development, implementation/consulting on campaign setup, bidding strategies including custom bidding, campaign optimization, data activation, audience lists and more
  • Advanced training with DV360 tailored to specific customer needs