Google Analytics 360

The most popular tool to analyse websites in even more advanse option. Thanks to 360 version you can work on non-sample data which are are updated much often than in standard Google Analytics. Roll-up function will let you deduplicate users among your websites and BigQuery and Salesforce combo will provide you more data and gain more knowledge about your traffic. You can later use all this information to buy media space in Display & Video 360.

Search Ads 360

Thanks to this tool you will move your Google Ads (as well as Bing & Yahoo!) actions to the next level. Thanks to advanced machine learning systems and exceent biding strategies your results can be much better. You will find here even more advanced modes of reporting, assortment campaigns or strategies of setting rates that you won’t see in Google Ads.

Display & Video 360

The biggest platform for programmatic buing in the world. You will buy space on YouTube, Gmail and milions of other websites, apps and VOD platforms in one place. Thanks to advanced algorithms you will optimize your campaigns and will enriched them with lots of free data. You will be able to fill both your image and performance goals. All the media online buing in one place with one methodology and data.

Campaign Manager

Precise user segmentation, comprehensive measurement and analysis of conversion paths are just some of the possibilities that the Campaign Manager offers. The system enables effective targeting and provides many useful elements that simplify and accelerate the implementation and optimization of campaigns. Check the power of the Adserver and the advanced analytical tool in one.

Optimize 360

Easily run advanced tests on your website and make it more useful for your customers and your company. Take advantage of GA 360 integration and create recipients segments that you can use for advanced message personalisation on your website and marketing activities in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Tag Manager 360

Manage all tags without having to edit the website code. Tag Manager 360 provides simple, reliable and easy tag management. Gain unlimited workspace to run parallel tag implementation projects and professional support in your daily work with TagManager 360.


The studio is a tool designed to create advanced rich media and dynamic implementations. Engage users in using interactive creations in many formats. At the same time, generate extensive reports, which will give you a clear picture of the recipients’ interaction with the advertisement.

Looker Studio

If you are running advertising activities in many channels and want to have access to their current statistics, try Looker Studio. With this tool, you can present analytical data from different sources in one report. Use the full power of your data by presenting it in the form of reports and engaging charts that inspire smart business decisions. 

It is an easy and effective solution!