We have as many as twelve Certified Individual Platforms Trainers and thus are among the top agencies from Europe in this regard, which only confirms our previous experience in the GMP and Programmatic area.

Extensive training experience with direct clients and agencies

We have trained more than 150 customers in 12 countries.

Learning through practice – our GMP trainers share their knowledge and practical experience gained on a daily basis while running campaigns for our clients

Flexible approach to the training offer – we can offer standard workshops or such that will be customized to the current needs of our clients and the level of sophistication

GMP training offer

Standard – basic level

  • Learn the basic functionality of the tools
  • Learn the basics of using tools in practice

Standard – advanced level

  • If you have completed an introductory course to GMP, we will show you advanced capabilities
  • Take a step forward toward growth on the path of digital maturity

Tailored trainings

If you are interested in specific GMP issues, we will prepare an agenda fully suited to your current needs