We are the first marketing agency in Poland
with the Salesforce Partner status.

We know how to implement Salesforce tools. But also, and perhaps it’s the most important thing, thanks to our vast experience in conducting marketing activities for hundreds of customers, we know how to use the potential of Salesforce in use.

Consulting. Implementations. Conducting marketing activities. This is the strength of the Salestube offer.

Discover the opportunities that offers Salesforce


Marketing Intelligence Platform

What: Connect & unify all marketing data sources Visualise AI powered insights Report across all channels & campaigns

How: Determine stakeholders Determine sources of data Setup KPIs Implement analytics Perform data governance Measure success

Who: Business, Admin, IT (data sources)


Cross-plat form marketing intelligence

What: Google 360 Analytics, CRM Integration Understand customer behaviour Create & activate cross-channel audiences Personalise your website Analyse market effectiveness

How: Setup Analytics 360 integration Setup data access Set measurement strategy Administer Analytics 360 Audience Activation

Who: Business, Admin

Social Studio

Listen, publish and engage to create customer advocates.

What: Complete social marketing platform Connected social & customer care AI powered automation & insights Alignment with command centre

How: Setup users Connect social accounts Create topic profiles Setup and refine brand / competitive / industry listening

Who: Business. Admin.


Marketing B2B

What: Capture valuable lead information Deliver personalised experiences Nurture leads until sales ready Share learnings across teams

How: Setup users Integrate with CRM Setup B2B Marketing Analytics (Einstein) Build Marketing Assets Segment Prospect Setup Automation

Who: Business. Admin.

Email & mobile Studio

Personalised emails, SMS, push and chat app messages in real t ime.

What: Rapid campaign execution Smarter cross-channel messages Multidimensional segmentation Engaging content Time sensitive interactions Mobile app engagement Location based push marketing

How: Configuration changes

Who: Business

Audience & Data Studio

Capture and act ivate data from any source

What: Unify data from any source and device Build people-based segments and rich personas Manage consent and data rights Leverage AI to discover new audiences

How: Develop a media plan Provision Audience Builder Deploy and configure applications Install email package

Who: Business, Technology, Data

Interaction Studio

Connected consumer engagement

What: Capture individual insights Optimise the experience with AI/ ML Coordinate engagement (On-Offline) Monitor and test interactions Real time recommendations and NBA

How: Setup personalisation goals Identify data sources Define personas and journeys Segment audiences Configure ML algorithms Select message/ Test and measure

Who: Business. Admin.

Journey Builder

1-to-1 customer journeys

What: Listen for customer cues Connect the entire experience Automate interactions Analyse to provide the best experience RCS (2 way SMSchatbot) Elegibility & propensity of comms

How: Prep tasks: Journey data in MC, emails created and ready to use, message timing & sequence, define entry event Create journeys Test Journeys

Who: Business

Advertising Studio

1-to-1 advert ising

What: Driven securely from customer data Connected to the journey Integrated lead generation

How: Create audiences Manage audiences Create lead capture task

Who: Business

Distributed Marketing

Brokers & Franchises market and sell at scale

What: Enable compliance with brand standards Give anyone access to approved content Understand how consumers engage

How: Prep tasks as per Journey Builder Create journeys Share journeys using Distributed Marketing Test Journeys

Who: Business