Bot Hunter, Fraud Detector

A set of tools for searching for sources of robotics trafic. The tools use reCAPTCHA v3 algorithm and statistics from Google Analytics.

Best Price Hunter

It takes information about the price of the product relative to the competition (from the ceneo, thanks to the product feed) and adds it to the campaign in Google Ads, so you can better invest in the most profitable products.

Live Tracking

The system manages affiliate traffic directing to your website and monitors the current status of product sales (e.g. loans granted). Thanks to it, you have access to the most up-to-date statistics on sales of your products, and thanks to the daily statistics, affiliate partners have the possibility to optimize the parameters of the campaign while its duration.

Conversion Alerter

It alerts us to an unexpectedly small or significantly large number of conversions gathered the previous day in Campaign Manager. Thanks to this we are able to react to problems with the campaign (technical and performance) as soon as data appears in CM.


The tool allows you to calculate the total coverage of a video campaign on TV and on the Internet for a given budget, the optimal distribution of a set budget or the minimum budget generating the given coverage.

Optimal Capping

Dedicated e‑commerce tool  for setting up a programmatic campaign capping that maximizes Client’s benefit. The tool takes into account both the business benefit and the frequency of purchases made by consumers.

TV Boost Analyser

The task of the tool is to determine the key features of TV spots (length, daypart, place in the advertising block, channel), which best translate into traffic and sales in the online store. It allows to optimize TV media plans in terms of sales.