Why is SA360 important in your organization?

Search Ads 360 helps you save time, makes it easier to manage your campaigns and allows you to make more accurate decisions, resulting in a greater return on investment. SA360 includes an advanced reporting module that allows you to monitor results, create personalized alerts and analyze the impact of changes on campaign performance.

What is included in our offer?

  • Full technical support for day-to-day operations
  • Access to the platform for an unlimited number of team members at selected levels
  • Access to a newsletter that presents news related to GMP

Additional services

  • Audit of current SA360 accounts and recommendations for further use based on client’s business and marketing needs
  • Account structure development and implementation of SA360 in the organization, naming convention development, implementation/consulting on inventory campaign setup, bidding strategies, attribution models, campaign optimization and implementation of VBB, enhanced conversion, omnichannel solutions and much more
  • Advanced training with SA360 tailored to specific customer needs